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Nations of the World - Sports & Women


Did you know-Burma - or Myanmar-came in the second spot in the Women's Weightlifting World Championships in Thailand, behind the People's Republic of China. Burma - under one of the world's most ruthless autocracies had won 510 points, in front of a few countries, among them India (508), Russia (336) and Japan (249).


Did you know-Chile's competitor Marlene Ahrens Ostertag, two-time Pan American medalist, came in the second spot in the ladies' spear toss, behind Inese Jaunzeme (USSR), at the 1956 Olympic Games in the Australian city of Melbourne. She was conceived on July 27, 1933, in ConcepciĆ³n, Chile. By 1959, she turned into the first non-American to win a Pan American title in the ladies' spear toss.


Did you know-Maria Isabel Urrutia is the most vital competitor - male or female-in Colombian history. Why? By September 2000, the country's weightlifter Urrutia left a mark on the world when she won the gold award in the ladies' 75-kilogram classification at the Sydney Summer Olympics, starting off festivals in the South American republic.

Cote d'Ivoire

Did you know-By 2004, Miss Miriam Bah (Cote d'Ivoire) came in fifth spot in the ladies' 57-kilogram classification at the Olympic Taekwondo Tournament in Athens (Greece)?

El Salvador

Did you know-The Salvadoran squad won the bronze award, behind Bermuda and Puerto Rico, in ladies' softball in the Central American and Caribbean Games in the Colombian city of Medellin in 1978.


Did you know-On July 10, 1990, in Saipan (Northern Marianas), the Island's competitor Anelize Emiliano built up another record of 13.2 seconds in the ladies' 100m. Palau, situated in Oceania, is one of the littlest individuals from the Olympic family.

Papua New Guinea

Did you know-By 1965, Papua New Guinea, an ex-British settlement in Oceania, contended in the Women's Softball World Cup in Melbourne (Australia).


Did you know-Under the bearing of Akira Kato (Japan), the Peruvian ladies' volleyball squad came in the fourth spot, behind the USSR, Japan, and South Korea, in the First World Cup in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay in late 1973?

Puerto Rico

Did you know-The Puerto Rican squad came in twelfth spot, among 24 countries, in the FIVB World Championships in the mid-2000s, in front of Japan (neighborhood group), Dominican Republic, and Poland.

South Africa

Did you know-On July 6, 1969, South Africa's swimmer Karen Muir, a white competitor, set another world record of 1:05,6 in the ladies' 100-meter backstroke. As a result of the country's politically-sanctioned racial segregation approaches Miss Muir - in the same way as other world-class competitors from South Africa-couldn't contend in the Olympics and African Games.


Did you know-By 1984, Uganda's competitor Ruth Kyalisisima set another African record of 57.01 seconds in the ladies' 400m.


Did you know-At the 1999 Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), Deborah Gyurcsek (Uruguay) took the bronze award in the ladies' shaft vault (track and field)?

Alejandro Guevara Onofre: Freelance author. Alejandro is a writer of a large group of articles/papers about more than 220 nations and conditions (and the American States also), from the environment, history, the travel industry and national legends to Olympic games, outside relations, and untamed life. Furthermore, he has distributed a few books on ladies' rights, among them "History of the Women in America" and "Acclaimed Americans"

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